The Asian Rhinoplasty as Today’s Face Correction

It is not an unusual thing these days when you do not feel great about your looks, especially face; you can go under the surgery knife and get the face correction as you please. Numerous people have been doing that especially in South Korea which is known with their high beauty standard for Asian girl. It is not so easy and also not something you can wish for, to have the double eyelid, small but pointing nose, pretty pink lips and light skin. And for that reason many girls are taking face correction such as nose job or rhinoplasty surgery. This surgery is meant to restructure your nose to be more pointed and more of the L shape from the bridge of the nose to the tip of the nose.

The surgery for Asian nose is known to be a little more challenging by some plastic surgeons. The challenging part of this nose job is the high required skill of the surgeon and the fact that surgeons are expected to maintain the identity of the patient and their ethnicity background. Comparing the L shape strut silicone that is being planted to the actual nose or through the mouth to the Asian Rhinoplasty is pretty much about the result and how the Asian rhinoplasty is more in favor for many Asian patient that ha L shape strut silicone. The reason of this preference is related to the result of the nose job. Many patients found out the sharp pointing nose is looking unreal underlying the actual nose bellow it. Besides that, this L pointing nose doesn’t have soft projection as many patients look for.

Therefore many nose job clinics, such as by Dr. Barry J. Cohen are applying the Asian Rhinoplasty method to refine the nose and show the natural beauty expected by many Asian patients.